When it gets down to it, as good as Paranorman was, I think Brave was a better film and should win best animated movie. Paranorman just felt clunky at first, and the whole sees ghost thing never was utilized too much. And its refreshing to see a female lead in a pixar movie.


Still good movies so go see both.

I want it to win the Oscar, because at the moment it is the only pixar movie to have less than 90% on rotten tomatoes (currently at a 78 I think, but I think its much better than that), and as a result is being linked with cars and cars 2.


If it doesnt win disney may think twice about movies like this, because it doesnt have the critical acclaim and isnt the marketing money maker like cars toy story, or monsters ink.

Brave is actually very different from other disney princess movies, and waaaaaaaay better than either cars movies.


It has a great development between the mother and daughter and some good themes that go on. Its intersting because its about a princess who wants to be more like a knight that some woman who sits down all day and has to be perfect at all times. The only non pixar movie to really hit the girl in high postion wants to get down and dirty category would be Little mermaid 2, except it had massive plot holes, and no soul.

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