With the year coming to an end I think we should appreciate all the covers of comics that have come out this year and decide on which one we love the most.

From Dwayne Cooke's beautiful variant covers to things like Spider-Verse #2 & or Batgirl #35 which show off the the stylish looks of its heroines, 2014 has been a year for great covers.

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For me personally I think I would have to go with Adventure Time #25. This feels a little bit like cheating because not only is this a variant cover but its a con exclusive. In fact it was my first comic con I had ever visited. But its more than that. See, I have lived in England for 8 years, and in London for one of those years and in all that time I have never found a more interesting place than Camden Town. From its food to its fashion to all the strange little things you can get there, Adventure Time strange but upbeat attitude and look mesh perfectly with the setting, and the use of the famous Camden Lock and Beemo camera is just perfect. In this cover Marceline and Finn look like people I would see at Camden Town, and seeing them actually there is all the better.


So what was your favorite comic book cover of 2014?

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