Nintendo Power

heres the thing

I started reading it in 07

I still read them, and if it turned into a website like some magazines have I would continue to read that.


So I will be almost be legally an adult when it goes

It like the world is saying “see this part of you childhood?

Dis shits gots ta go.”

Then it pulls out a knife and just takes it from my heart.

Seriously this is a major part of nintendo history

Really I’m most dissapointed in Nintendo themselves for letting one of the most important part of gaming history and their history go away with out even so much as a web site or online quarterly magazine or even letting the magazine stay open for a few months for the 25th anniversary


Nintendo feels that it would be smarter to kill nintendo power rather than update it, which is stupid.

All the other nintendo magazines around the world are still going (except Nintendo Gamer, and ONM which are now also getting shut down).


Why not this one?

It scares me to think that the next zelda, mario, smash bros, metroid, Professor layton, Next gen pokemon, F-zero, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Kirby, No More Heroes, TWEWY, Mario Party, Pikmin and every new WiiU and 3ds game wont have a Nintendo Power review.


Thats not just sad, thats wrong.

Nintendo Power is what made me a gamer, its what gave me that first push into choosing to go into computer programing. The idea that one day I could help design a game and have it reviewed by a member of the staff made me try my hardest to work on my code.


This magazine was something I shared with friends and bonded over. We would always read the preview for Brawl of Super Mario Galaxy, because it was always the best source for Nintendo news and coverage.

And then I moved away, Had to say good bye to friends who I made and locations I had grown accustomed to, but I had issues of Nintendo Power there to keep me company until things sorted themselves out. I would always buy an issue when I went back home, though I have a subscription, I still wanted to go get those special issues like the summer of gaming, the power profiles issue, the Zelda and Mario specials. I even picked up the issue which was just a magazine full of posters.


In fact My very first issue before I even had a Wii, was the 1st holiday issue with No More Heroes on the cover. It got me so hyped for that game, but I would be a few years till I could get it with my parents permission. I waited and I was not disappointed.

Thats why I dont want to see this leave. If a magazine could do so much for just one person, imagen the injustice that you would be doing if you took it away for future generations.


This magazine must survive.

If it needs to become quaterly instead, so be it.

If it turns it has to become an online magazine, very well then.

If it turns into a website, That would be a brilliant idea.

But no one has any intentions of saving it.

And I understand a lot of people are more nostalgic than actually caring about the magazine, being that magazines are a dying medium and a lot of older readers stoped reading around 2000 or 2005.


And I understand That a lot of people didnt care for it after Nintendo stopped publishing it themselves.

But I care.

And what I dont understand is why Nintendo didn’t do an online magazine, or a much thicker quarterly magazine, or even a website.


so again please help.


If you guys could join that would help


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