So the Wii U is 1 year old today. Unfortunately for it, the PS4 just came out and the Xbox One is just around the conner, so sadly no one remembered to buy the cake.

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But its been a year since the thing hit shelves and we have to ask our selves "how is it holding up?"

Its been a year and sales have been nothing to shake a stick at. Perhapse because it still lacks a killer app. There isnt a Mario or original Zelda game on it yet (though 3D world may change this) and third party support seems to no better than the later days of the Wii. Some of its games lacks features that other versions have, and some of its third party exclusives have moved to other systems.


But there is still a lot to celebrate. They have the best first party titles, plenty of fun games, and of the three 8th generation systems, while it may not be the most powerful it does already have a year long headstart and a pretty decent library of games. Not to mention playing games on the Wii U gamepad is a fantastic feature.

Still there are questions that need to be brought up. Why hasnt there been a profile to link games with? Why hasnt there been more than 2 classic nintendo games released to the VC a month? Why is it that GBA and Gamecube games have had more cross play games than the Wii U and 3DS? What Happened to X or Bayonetta 2?


Its been a rough year, hopefully things will get better.

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