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Have you noticed that they change the offits of the characters to reflect their postion in the story?


Sometimes is obvious like Suki from being a warrior to prisoner to border gaurd, but it can also be really suddel like with Zuko going from his prince uniform which showed his bad side, to his street clothes which showed him on the otherside of the conflict with team avatar as he was no longer a prince but a teacher, and Now the firelord clothing which reflects all the descissions he must make.

The same goes with Aang, Azula and others (they will be changing clothing in Korra as well) with Aang’s original outfit showing his adolescence and openess to the world and his more monk like clothing showing him growing up, having to handle tough moral problems the avatar encounters


Azula is particularly impressive because her harsh military Princess Uniform has been replaced with much more casual clothing, show her change in mindset ( by that I mean overall goal not attitude towards people) and position in importance (as far as rank goes)

Also Toph will most likely not be in this story at all or at most be a very small part of it

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